The İstanbul Gathering of the Somali Civil Society Communique




Wednesday May 30, 2012

We, the participants of the Istanbul Civil Society gathering, consisting of Somali traditional elders, religious scholars, academics, organized polities, activists, women, youth, business and diaspora representatives, came together to discuss and evaluate the difficult conditions and existential threats facing our nation. The main objective of this gathering is to bridge the divisions within our society and focus our efforts and energies in building a sovereign, united, just, peaceful, democratic and prosperous Somalia.

Somali participants have been able to gather in an environment free of political pressures, interventions, candidate interests, and manipulation by foreign special interest operatives.

During the four day conference, the participants have identified and discussed many important issues through an interactive process designed to facilitate the expression  of thoughts and ideas. The conference examined issues such as security, the constitution, economic reconstruction, social development, transitional justice and reconciliation. Eight groups  representing  varieties of perspectives   discussed and debated each of these topics. Each group  presented their recommendations to the plenary sessions where their suggestions and ideas were further scrutinized,  discussed and agreed upon . 

The conference resolved that:

·         We are immeasurably grateful to the Turkish government and its people and we encourage the Republic of Turkey to continue its support and solidarity with the Somali people, to realize a Somalia that holds itself up to international standards and reclaims its position as a respected  member of the family of nations.
·         We are appreciative of the role of Turkey   in convening this gathering in an environment that was  constructive and  fully supportive of the resurrection of the Somali state and the dignity of its people.
·         We unequivocally support the conclusion of the transition period  by August 20, 2012.

·         Security: Establish an inclusive and effective national security forces under a civilian command; create  a National Defense Commission to ensure continuity regardless of any changes within the government; implement  effective training programs and space within the country to train Somali forces; inaugurate  an allowance and salary commission to make sure that members of the security forces’ welfare is budgeted and protected; request the lifting of the UN Arms Embargo as soon as an inclusive and disciplined army is established; create an independent judicial system  to examine the injustices that have occurred in Somalia; improve correctional institutions to meet the international human rights standards ; and request that AMISOM be converted into hybrid UN peacekeeping force and that includes additional forces from Muslim countries to counter Al-Shabab propaganda that Somalia has been invaded by non-Muslim forces.

·        Economic Reconstruction: Developing effective, transparent, mutually accountable, and coordinated foreign aid policy to reduce dependency; build an effective taxation policy and administration; establish effective business regulation and enforcement system; convene  a comprehensive conference on recovery and development that should be held as soon as feasible; adopt an effective accountability and transparency in all financial resources management; encourage private and public partnerships (PPP); institute  effective poverty alleviation programs for the most vulnerable groups to reduce poverty; establish skill-building projects and focus on equal opportunities in order to reverse the massive brain drain of the past two decades; and  create rural development programs that are essential in ensuring sustainable means of livelihood.

·        Social Development: Institute a national education policy that standardizes the curriculum of the current multiple educational systems; provide free primary and secondary education for all; identify youth development programs as national priority area for sustainable peace; provide social development programs including adult and vocational training for the youth;  health care and health education programs; clean water; establish national policies to address the continued marginalization of women in all sectors of society; and provide  incentives for highly skilled Somalis to return and contribute to the reconstruction of the country, create an independent National Somali Diaspora Association.

·         Reconciliation: The participants identified several causes that have perpetuated the violence in Somalia such as injustice, repression, land-grabbing, tribalism, corruption, and poverty. Therefore, the participants recommend the following solutions; give the Traditional Elders a vital role in the reconciliation process; end the culture of impunity and pressuring those who committed crimes to accept their responsibility; offer confidence-building measures in order to attain peace and reconciliation; engage all opposition groups; abolish the 4.5 formula and replacing it with 5 formula until a one person one vote system is achieved; form a second chamber for the traditional leaders; establish multi party-based politics and electoral system in which each party must have supporters in all regions; establish a truth and reconciliation commission to resolve the outstanding grievances.


·         Constitution:  A social contract of this magnitude could not and should not be endorsed in haste, while blind-folded or in contention or under a cloud of suspicion. Therefore, sufficient time must be given to the Constituent Assembly and the Somali people to scrutinize and digest any and all additions and omissions within the new constitution. The Conference participantswelcome the efforts to establish a constitution for Somalia and view it as a necessary national imperative; express grave concern about the prolonged and the unnecessary secrecy surrounding the progress of the new Draft Constitution; urge the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) to release the latest version of the Draft-Constitution to the Somali public as soon as possible in order to ensure inclusiveness, and broad based participation and consensus; underline their firm resolve that the Somali Constitution must be based on the basic sources of Islam, namely the Quran and Sunna; call upon the TFG to make the constitution-making process transparent and a Somali owned process; call for the creation of permanent and institutional role for Somali traditional leaders in the governance system. Moreover, there is a controversy on the issue of “u-dhashay-ku-dhashay” and the conference recommends further discussion and consensus on the issue. The conference supports that women should get 30% representation in the parliament and all select committees; Participants did not reach a consensus on the “Federalism” principle  and there was a recommendation for a broad national debate and discussion.  

·         Transition: The transition must end on August 20, 2012 and be replaced with a durable and democratic state that is based on Islam; there is a need for functioning,  strong, national and just government.; all government institutions must be led by competent people; traditional leaders must be the reference point (second chamber); the participants call for the establishment of multi-party-based politics and electoral system and each party must have supporters in all regions; Somalis are equal and therefore favoritism, tribalism and nepotism should end;  the Somali language consists of two - May and Maxaa Tiri. National media outlets should broadcast in both; the government must fight against corruption; the committee proposed  increasing the number of the parliamentarians from 225 to 275; the terms of reference for the technical committee must be revised.




Arbaco May 30, 2012

Anagoo ah ka soo qayb galayaasha Shirka Istanbuul ee Bulshada Rayidka ah ee Soomaaliyeed oo ka kooban odayaasha Dhaqanka, Culumaa’udiinka, Aqoonyahannada, Ururrada Siyaasadeed ee abuubulan, Ururrada haweenka, dhalinyarada, ganacsatada iyo qurba-joogta waxaan isugu nimid in aan ka tashanno, qiimayna ku samayno  xaalladda adag iyo khatarta ku aaddan jiritaanka ummadda Soomaaliyeed. Ujeeddada weyn ee kulankani waxay ahayd in xal loo helo kala fogaanshaha ku yimid bulshadeena, tabartayada iyo dedaalkayagana isugu geynno sidii loo dhisi lahaa dawlad Soomaaliyeed oo madax bannaan, midaysan, cadaalad ku dhaqanta, nabad ah, dimoqoraadiyadda ku shaqaysa, barwaaqana ah.

Ka soo qayb galayaasha Soomaaliyeed waxaa u suuragalay in ay ku kulmaan jawi ka madax bannaan culaysyo siyaasadeed, dano murashax, iyo faragelinta dad u adeegaya dano shisheeye.

Afartii maalmood ee shirku socdey waxay ka-qaybgalayaashu isla garteen, islamarksaasna ay si buuxda uga wada hadleen arrimo badan oo muhiim ah. Dood dheer ka dib waxaa dadka laga ururiyey afkaartooda iyo talooyinkooda.

Shirku wuxuu xoogga saaray arrimo ay ka mid yihiin Amniga, Dhaqaalaha & Dib-U-Dhiska, Horumarinta Bulshada, Cadaaladda, Dib-u-heshiisiinta, Xilliga Kala-guurka, iyo Dastuurka.
Siddeed guddi ayaa shirka loo kala bixiyey, waxayna aragtiyo iyo talooyin kala duwan kasoo bixiyeen qodobbadii shirku ka doodayay. Kaddibna waxay kusoo talo-celiyeen shirwaynaha:

Shirku wuxuu go’aamiyey:

·         Waxaan mahad celin iyo abaal weyn u haynaa dawladda iyo shacabka Turkiga; waxaanan ku dhiirri gelinaynaa dawladda Turkey in ay sii waddo taageeradeeda ay siiso dadka Soomaaliyeed si loo gaadhsiiyo Soomaaliya in ay la mid noqoto dawladaha adduunka, dibna u soo ceshato ixtiraamkii iyo sharaftii ay ku dhex-lahayd beesha caalamka.

·         Waxaan si buuxda u taageersannahay in xilliga kala guurka la soo afjaro oo uu dhamaado 20ka Oogosto, 2012.

·         Amniga: In la abuuro ciidan qaran oo awood wax-qabad leh, loona dhan yahay, islamarkaasna ka amar qaata qof ay dadku soo doorteen; In la abuuro Hey’adda Difaaca Qaranka si loo yareeyo saamaynta ay is bedeladda xukuumadaha fara badani ku leeyihiin dhisidda ciidamada; In la abuuro fursado tababar iyo goobo tababareed oo dalka dhexdiisa ah.  In la abuuro guddi gunnada & mushaharka ciidamada qaabilsan si loo hubiyo daryeelka xubnnaha Amniga iyo in miisaaniyad ku filan loo helo, dayacana laga ilaaliyo ciidamada; Waxaan codsanaynaa in Qarammada Midoobey ka qaaddo Soomaaliya cunaqabtaynta hubka ee saaran marka la isu keeno ciidan loo dhan yahay oo tababaran; in la abuuro hey’ado garsoor oo madax bannaan oo dib u eega xadgudubyadii ka dhacay Soomaaliya; in wax laga qabto xaaladda xabsiyada dalka si loo soo gaadhsiiyo heerka (mustawe) caalami ah oo dhawraya xuquuqda bani’aadamka; in ciidamada ururka midowga Africa ee AMISOM loo bedelo kuwo isku dhafan oo ciidamo nabad-ilaalineed oo Qarammada Midoobey ah, laguna soo daro ciidamo dheeraad ah oo ka yimid dawlado Muslim ah si looga hortago dacaayadda Al-Shabaab ee oranaysa Soomaaliya waxa ku soo duuley ciidammo aan Muslim ahayn.

·         Dib-u-dhiska Dhaqaalaha: in la dejiyo siyaasad ku aaddan taageerada ama deeqaha dibadda ka imanaya oo saamayn leh, shafaafiyad leh, isla xisaabtan leh, loona kala warqaado si la isaga ilaaliyo ku xirnaan ama ku tiirsanaan joogto ah; in la yagleelo siyaasad canshuureed iyo maamul saamayn leh; in sharciyo awood fulineed leh loo sameeyo maaraynta ganacsiga; in sida ugu dhakhsaha badan loo qabto shirweyne dhamaystiran oo ku aaddan soo kabsashada iyo horumarinta Soomaaliya; in la qaato isla xisaabtan iyo shafaafiyad ku aaddan maaraynta dhammaan lacagaha soo gala dawlada; in la dhiiri geliyo iskaashiga hantida guud iyo milkiilayaasha gaarka ah (PPP); in la abuuro mashriic lagula dagaalamayo saboolnimada, looguna tala galay qaybaha ugu jilicsan bulshada;  In la abuuro mashaariic xirfadlayaal lagu tababarayo oo loo siman yahay si looga soo kabsado aqoon yahannadii ka tegey dalka labaatankii sano ee la soo dhaafay; in la abuuro barnaamijyo lagu horumarinayo miyiga oo lagama maarmaan u ah hubinta  in reer miyigu helaan hab-nololeed la isku halayn karo;

·          Horumarinta Bulshada: in la abuuro siyaasad waxbarasho oo qaran oo midaysa manaahijta waxbarasho ee hadda kala qaybsan; in la helo waxbarasho lacag la’aan ah oo dugsi hoose ilaa dugsi sare ah – waxbarasho qof walba helo; in ahmiyada sare la siiyo horumarinta dhalinyarada; in loo helo dhalinyarada waxbarashada dadka waaweyn iyo dugsiyo farsamo; in shacabku helo daryeel caafimaad iyo waxbarasho caafimaad oo lagula dagaalamo cudurrada; in dadku helaan biyo la cabbo oo nadiif ah; in la abuuro siyaasado qaran oo lagaga hortegayo sad-bursiga dhinacyada badan ee bulshadu ku hayso dumarka Soomaaliyeed; in dhiirri gelin la siiyo Soomaalida xirfadaha aadka u sarreeya leh sidii ay ugu soo noqon lahaayeen dalka waxna ugu soo kordhin lahaayeen dib-u-dhiska dalka; in la abuuro hay’ad madax bannaan oo ay leeyihiin qurba-joogta Soomaaliyeed oo dhan.

·         Dib-u-heshiisiin: Ka qaybgalayaasha shirku waxay tilmaameen sababo dhawr ah oo masuul ka ahaa in ay sii socdaan colaaduhu sida cadaalad darrada, is-cadaadiska, dhul-boobka, qabyaalladda, musuqmaasuqa iyo saboolnimada.

Sidaa awgeed, ka soo qaybgalayaasha shirku waxay soo jeedinayaan talooyinka soo socda:

·         In odayaasha dhaqanka kaalin muhiim ah laga siiyo geeddi-socodka dib u heshiisiinta;  in la soo afjaro caadada ah in dambiiluhu uusan ciqaab iyo xisaabtan ka welwelin, laguna cadaadiyo kuwii dembiyada galay in ay masuuliyaddooda qirtaan; in la qaado tillaabooyin kalsooni-dhis ah si loo helo nabad iyo dib-u-heshiisiin; in lala xaajoodo cid walba oo dawladda ka soo horjeedda; in la baabi’iyo nidaamka awood-qaybsiga 4.5 laguna beddelo 5 inta laga gaarayo in qof walba oo codkiisa uu si xor ah u dhiibto; in aqal labaad oo odayaasha dhaqanku leeyihiin laga abuuro baarlamaanka; in la yagleelo nidaamka siyaasadeed ee xisbiyada badan oo xisbi waliba taageerayaal ku yeesho gobollada dalka oo dhan; in la abuuro guddiga xaqiiqada iyo dib-u-heshiisiinta si xal loogu helo tabashooyinka taagan.

·         Dastuurka: Heshiis bulsho oo sidan u weyn degdeg iyo indho-xirnaan laguma ansixin karo iyadoo ay jiraan isku-haysasho iyo shaki badan. Sidaa awgeed, waa in waqti ku filan la siiyo Golaha Ansixinta Dastuurka iyo dadka Soomaaliyeedba si ay uga doodaan una falanqeeyaan dhamaan wixii lagu daray ama laga saaray qabyo-qoraalka dastuurkan cusub; ka soo qayb-galayaasha shirku waxay soo dhoweynayaan dedaalka loogu jiro in la helo dastuur Soomaaliyeed, waxayna u arkaan inay arrintaashi tahay waajib wadani ah; waxay ka-qeyb-galayaashu walaac badan ka muujiyeen in qarsoodi laga dhigo qabyo-qoraalka dastuurka cusub; waxaan ugu baaqaynaa xukuumadda ku-meel-gaarka ah inay sida ugu dhakhsaha badan ugu soo bandhigto shacabka Soomaaliyeed qoraalkii ugu dambeeyey ee dastuurka cusub si uu u noqdo mid laga wada qayb qaato; in hoosta laga xariiqo in Dastuurka Soomaaliyeed uu ku salaysnaado oo aasaaskiisu ahaado mabaadi’da aasaasiga ah ee Islaamka, kuwaasoo ah Quraanka iyo Sunnada; waxaan ugu baaqaynaa Xukuumadda Federalka ah ee KMG ah in ay ka dhigto hanaanka dastuur-samaynta mid aan mugdi ku jirin Soomaliduna garwadeen ka tahay; in loo sameeyo odayaasha dhaqanka mu’asasad joogto ah oo ay kaga qayb-qaataan maamulka dalka. Waxaa jira is maandhaaf ku aaddan “u-dhashay-ku-dhashay” shirkuna wuxuu soo jeedinayaa in loo baahan yahay in arrinkan doodiisa la sii wado inta aragti midaysan laga yeelanayo. Shirku wuxuu taageersan yahay in dumarku helaan ka-qayb-gal dhan 30% oo ku aaddan Baarlamaanka iyo guddiyada la soo xulayaba; aragtiyo kala duwan ayaa ka jira qadiyadda “Federalism”, waxaana la isla gartay in arrinkani u baahan yahay dood iyo wada-hadal dheer oo heer qaran ah.
·         Kalaguurka: Kalaguurku waa in uu dhamaadaa August 20, 2012 waana in loo gudbaa dawlad joogta ah, dimoqoraadi ah, islamarkaasna Islaamka ku salaysan; baahi ayaa loo qabaa dawlad shaqaynaysa, xoog leh, cadaalad ah; hay’adaha dawladda oo dhan waa in ay hogaamiyaan dad karti u leh; odayaasha dhaqanku waa in ay marjac u noqdaan dawladda oo loo sameeyaa aqal labaad oo Baarlamaanka ka jira; ka soo qayb-galayaasha shirku waxay ku baaqayaan in la abuuro nidaam siyaasadeed oo xisbiyo badan iyo hab la isku doorto leh, xisbi walibana waa inuu taageerayaal ku leeyahay dhammaan gobollada Soomaaliya; Soomaalidu waa siman tahay sidaa awgeed eex, qabyaalad iyo nin-jeclaysi waa inuu dhamaado; afka Soomaaligu wuxuu ka kooban yahay laba “Maay iyo Maxaa Tiri” warbaahinta dawladduna waa inay wararka ku sii deysaa labadaba; dawladda Soomaaliyeed waa inay la dagaallantaa musuqmaasuqa; shirweynuhu wuxuu ku taliyey in la kordhiyo tirada xubnaha Baarlamaanka oo hadda 225 ah, loona bedelo 275; shaqada ay leeyihiin guddiga farsamada waa in lagu noqdo.